Treatment Tip #9

Berry the Dog

Canine Lymphoma

Berry's Diagnosis & Treatment

Berry's Top 10 Treatment Tips



      Accept that your dog’s appearance will change during chemotherapy  

Dogs have their sides shaved as part of the "staging" process, and may need to be shaved later for "restaging" or other evaluation. Although this is an infrequent side effect, some dogs do lose areas of their coat, the character of their hair changes as a result of chemotherapy. 

Berry’s shaved areas were very slow to grow in because of the chemotherapy.   Then, in the fall of 2000, his long hair did not re-grow when it was shed, and his overall coat thinned dramatically and his feather virtually disappeared, leaving him with a new nickname, "Rat-Tail".  This condition was eventually determined to be a combination of opportunistic infections -- probably scabies followed by a bacterial infection -- that weren't caused by the chemo but took root because of Berry's compromised immune system.  Berry got a bright red, Polartec-lined "Ruffwear" doggie coat for Christmas 2000, but in 2002, his luxuriant coat has regrown to its original glory.

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