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VHUP's Links:  

The Matthew J. Ryan Veterinary Hospital.  Information about the VHUP and the vet school.  Serves as a gateway to information about the Oncology Service and articles and research by current and former staff oncologists.

search for:  oncology; lymphosarcoma; lymphoma; sorenmo; baez to obtain information including published articles 

Oncolink.  Information about cancer treatment for both humans and animals.  To reach VHUP materials, search site for companion animals or canine lymphosarcoma. 

search for:  companion animals, canine lymphosarcoma.   Specific written materials cover:

   Chemotherapy in Veterinary Medicine

   The Importance of Veterinary Oncology

   Nutritional Requirements of Dogs and Cats with Cancer

   Quality of Life Issues:  Cancer Treatment in Companion Animals

   Cancer Terminology and Symptoms

Canine Oncologists/Canine Oncology Teaching/Research Programs

Below are some useful websites that contain information about canine cancer treatment and care of your dog.

University Teaching and Research Facilities

Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Studies

Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Oncology 

Private Facilities

Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists

Canine Lymphosarcoma Sites

Symptoms and Diagnosis/Treatment/Drugs

North Carolina Animal Cancer Treatment Programs

The Veterinary Cancer Society 

Internet Resources for Cancer

Hill's Veterinary Resource Center

Reference on Mesothelioma and Asbestos:


Special Dog Owners’ Sites:

These sites describe other owners' experience, including discussions of various treatment settings and chemotherapy protocols, alternative therapies, and dietary considerations for dogs with lymphosarcoma.

Ozzie's Story  -  The on-going story of Ozzie the Golden Retriever fighting lymphosarcoma since the late summer of 2006.  Contains useful links helpful to other dog owners.

Clondike's Story  - A long term survivor (3 significant remissions of 4, 3, and over 16 months) treated by a canine oncology specialist with chemotherapy and other drug therapy and complementary holistic medicine.

Hailey's Story  - A long term survivor (4 significant remissions of 5, 6, 8, and 18 months) treated with several conventional and modified protocols and complementary holistic medicine.   Contains useful links, in addition to the items here.

Hunter's Story

Jamie and Boris's Story

Katie's Story 

Odie's Story 

Pepper's Story 

Sable's Story