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The website is not sponsored or endorsed by any individual, program or manufacturer. It exists simply to celebrate the life of Berry The Dog and, in some simple way, help dog owners cope with canine lymphosarcoma in their own, treasured pets. It was largely created in the early 2000s and, as such, it may not speak to or reference activity, research, or practice that has evolved over the past 15 years.

Please understand that is not a source of financial support for people facing the costs of hospital care and treatment for their dogs. 

It is a place that provides information about some dogs were treated for canine lymphosarcoma and the experiences that their owners went through.

Thanks to the Matthew J. Ryan Veterinary Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (VHUP), above all, to Dr. Jennifer Baez, Roxanne Bachman, and Dr. Karin Sorenmo, the mainstays of Berry’s care; to Dr. Sally Bissett, who first diagnosed Berry and urged us to treat him; to Dr. Lisa Barber, who served as Berry's oncologist from February 2000 until November 2001; to Drs. Janet Burke, Craig Clifford (may the luck of Berry go with you to Redbank!), and Beth Overly, residents in the Oncology Service; and to Dr. Heather Peikes, the former VHUP dermatologist who "cracked the code" on Berry's skin problems. 

Many thanks also to "Alpha Dog" Greg and Big Red Cody Dog (DVGRR 95-126), who started it all; Kim and the ageless Pal, another DVGRR graduate; Berry’s foster parents Lois and Richard and Miss Amanda Jones (yet another DVGRR graduate); and Bill and Linda and the memory of Murphy and Mason.

Thanks to "Pack Dog" DC for helping to set up the website and for the many walks and romps he's shared with Berry.... SPECIAL thanks also to Brian "The Berkster" for his computer skills and to Berry's friend Jean who handles those tasty mid-day treats!